TRICODA (Tri-County Dart Association)
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TRICODA (Tri-County Dart Association)

29th Annual TRICODA Open-Feb 10,11,12


Date Time Home Team Score Road Team
L 10/09/18
07:30 PM
VFW 11 - 2
Seabreeze - Swampy's
L 10/02/18
07:30 PM
Captain Smith's Seafood 2 - 11
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Date Time Home Team Road Team Venue
L 10/16/18
07:30 PM
VFW vs Hills Store VFW.
L 10/23/18
07:30 PM
VFW vs Anderson's Bar Two VFW.
L 10/30/18
07:30 PM
VFW vs Cryers VFW.
L 11/06/18
07:30 PM
Hole In the Wall 2 vs VFW Hole in the Wall
L 11/13/18
07:30 PM
The Boys vs VFW Hills Store
L 11/20/18
07:30 PM
VFW vs Team Bacchus VFW.
L 11/27/18
07:30 PM
The Hole vs VFW Hole in the Wall
L 12/04/18
07:30 PM
VFW vs Back Road Inn VFW.
L 12/11/18
07:30 PM
Anderson's Bar vs VFW Anderson's Bar
L 12/18/18
07:30 PM
Bye vs VFW Bye
L 01/08/19
07:30 PM
VFW vs Seabreeze VFW.
L 01/15/19
07:30 PM
VFW vs Captain Smith's Seafood VFW.
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